Electric Longboard or Electric Shortboard? - How To Choose?

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Are you looking for your first electric skateboard? And you're not sure whether you should buy an electric longboard or an electric shortboard?

Take a look at our blog post where we share a comparison of electric longboards and electric shortboards to help you decide.

For electric skateboard beginners, when you start planning to buy an electric skateboard, you should consider the following questions:
Where am I going to ride?
How far am I going to ride?
Am I doing it for commuting convenience or for fun?
Do I really need to go fast?

Yes, that's all you need to think about before you make a buying decision. Because the answers to these questions are also the basis for your choice.

Closer to home, let's start to compare electric longboards and electric shortboards.

First of all, what is an electric longboard?

As the name suggests, an electric longboard is an electric skateboard with a long deck. Generally speaking, if the deck is longer than 34 inches, it can be called a longboard.

What are the benefits of electric longboards?

More Stable - Since the deck of the electric longboard is wider and longer, it can provide a very stable riding experience, and provide better control when going downhill.

More Comfortable - Since the surface of the electric longboard is usually designed with some curved surfaces, this helps to absorb some of the vibrations generated while riding, especially on rough terrain.

Faster and Farther - Due to its comfort and stability, electric longboards can go fast and farther, making them more suitable for cruising around town and enjoying the scenery.

Typically, the best performing e-skateboards you'll find on the market are electric longboards, as the longer decks can hold larger batteries and functional components. This is why you can see more electric longboards on the market.

Having said all that, there seems to be no reason why we shouldn't opt for electric longboards. Hold on a second, we'll start talking about electric shortboards next.

What is an electric shortboard?

Generally speaking, we classify electric skateboards with decks less than 32 inches as short boards. Electric short boards are more entertaining than electric long boards.

More Portable - the short board is light in weight and small in size. If you often need to carry it, the electric short board is a good choice, and it will not take up too much space for you.

More Agile - usually electric short boards will add a kicktail, this kicktail adds a lot of functionality. You can make sharp turns by kicking back to apply pressure and lift the front wheel. You can also use the kicktail to avoid any cracks and obstacles in your path.

All in all, The type of electric skateboard that is best for you depends on your personal preference and intended use. Electric longboards are larger and offer more stability, making them better suited for long rides and commuting. Electric shortboards are smaller and lighter, making them better for tricks and carving.

If you are looking to commute, an electric longboard is probably the better option as it is more stable and comfortable to ride. If you are looking for a board to do tricks on, then a shortboard may be the better option.

Well, that's the basic difference between them. I hope I helped you get closer to that electric skateboard that belongs to you.

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