Are Electric Skateboards Safe? What do You Think?


Are Electric Skateboards Safe to everyone?

With the advent of electric skateboards, more and more people choose electric skateboards as a way of commuting to work, and it has also solved the last mile problem.

It’s very easy for new learner to ride an e-skateboard, different from traditional skateboard, after a bit of practice, put on your gear and you can ride it to work. But remember to follow traffic and road rules, always watch out when riding.

It is generally believed that there are surely some certain danger no matter any commuting way. The best way to avoid danger is - being careful, be careful and be careful!


Some Pros of Electric Skateboarding.

Actually, using an e-skateboard to commute to work sounds very cool. It will probably attract a lot of people's attention.  

Furthermore, you will feel quite comfortable when riding on it, which feels like the wind is shuttling back and forth through your body, with your clothes fluttering and your hair. But make sure it’s a day without snow, rain, etc. Bad weather is not safe to e-skateboarding.

Skateboarding to work also avoids the noisy, crowded subways, buses etc. Cut down your commuting time at best, so you have more time to do your thing or just sleep longer.


What Gears are Needed to Electric Skateboarding?

For a professional E-skateboarding competition, below are some gears you can prepare for yourself.

  1. A suitable helmet, better to protect your head and let you ride safely.                                                                                Sorry! I must wear a helmet!
  2. A pair of gloves. It’s necessary when you fall, you can instinctively just put out your hands and better reduce injures.
  3. A pair of elbow pads, which do a better job of protecting your elbows.
  4. Hip pads, important to protect your tailbone when you are going to fall on your hips.
  5. A pair of knee pads, going to protect your initial impacts when you hit the ground.
  6. A piece of armored clothing, looks just like a normal hoodies but has pads in the elbow and the shoulder area, the back. They are kind of pricey but just like when you buying a motorcycle jackets, you are going to find a more expensive one.

To be honest, it is rare to see someone riding an e-skateboard with all the gear above when commuting. That’s true. For most of us, we only need one helmet, extra pads at most. If you ride at a low speed which you can ensure safety, it is okay not to wear any gears. However during summer, so hot that I can’t stand wearing a helmet so I always ride at a speed which I can run off if the board when I assume that I am about to fall.


How to Ride an Electric Skateboard Safely?

Regardless of any types of skateboard, safety is the first factor for everyone to consider when riding a skateboard. Besides, the speed of electronic skateboards is much faster than traditional skateboards, so you must be more cautious.

Before you set your feet on your e-skateboard, make sure that you have put on all protective equipment especially for a new rider, you must always wear a helmet, and your knees, elbows and shoulders should also be covered with pads, because no one wants to fall and get injured.

Another factor to ensure your safety on an electric skateboard is to choose the right electric skateboard. There are different sizes and weights of electronic skateboards on the market, so you should choose the one that suits you best. Uncomfortable riding can ruin the entire experience and may even cause accidents.

Finally, please be familiar with all the basics knowledge of riding before riding it, which will help you ride easily and safely meanwhile. Don’t rush on an e-skateboard only because you are an expert on traditional skateboards. It’s very different slides of the two transmission modes, like start and stop modes. Do some exercises diligently to ride an electric skateboard and you will find the differences compared to your traditional skateboard. Sufficient exercises to avoid unnecessary injuries.


How Fast do Electric Skateboards Go?

Most of the electric skateboards available in the market these days can go up to a top speed of 16-25 MPH while the speed of e-skateboard can reach 22-26 MPH.

The speed of the e skateboard is mainly decided by the batteries power, bigger battery providing more power, thus why some e-skateboards can reach a higher speed. Of course, there are other reason impacting the speed of your board. But you don't have to worry about the top speed for the reason that you can control the speed of board with a remote.  

If you are an e-skateboarder please take all the precautionary and safety measures before you go on to ride a speedy e skateboard.

Do the Electric Skateboards Have Brakes?

You will get a remote when you open the box of skateboard. So, yes, an e-skateboard is operated by a handheld wireless remote. Therefore, electric skateboards do have brakes.

You have a handheld remote with which you can control it to start, increase your speed or even stop - you can control all of it through your hands.

The electric skateboard has a thoughtful brake design. The brakes of an electric skateboard would not sudden stop the skateboard but lower its speed slowly and stop.

Compared to traditional skateboard, it is much more safer to ride an e-skateboard. More practice, and you will be an expert on e-skateboarding as well.

Although with a braking mechanism is convenient and safe for you to stop, it still exist some hidden danger that occurs when it brakes down as brake failures often result in injuries.


Always Follow the Rules While Riding Your Electric Skateboard.

  1. Obey all traffic signs and signals.
  2. Enter the street carefully. Enter the street carefully from your driveway. Approach slowly to make sure you don’t end up in a vehicle’s path.
  3. Use sidewalks if you have them. If not, ride on the far left side of the road, as a runner would.
  4. Wear a helmet. Anyone under 18 who uses a skateboard is required by law to wear a helmet.
  5. Don’t ride in the dark, and never ride drunk. 


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