A Best Christmas Gift - Rider Story


On the occasion of the annual Christmas, we share with you a short story about Christmas gifts from a Teamgee rider. Hope to bring you the warmth and love of the festival.

Hello my name is Aiden Lyons and boy do I have something to say about Teamgee!!! Getting my Teamgee board is positively 100% the best thing that has ever happened to me!

One Christmas season I had absolutely no idea what to ask for. I was scrolling endlessly through Christmas presents that I might enjoy when I stumbled upon electric skateboards. I had no skateboard experience whatsoever, but they looked like a lot of fun. I asked for an electric skateboard and my parents found Teamgee.com and got me a shortboard, the H20 mini (thanks so much mom!!!). I was super excited to rip that present open and charge her up for my first ride. I wouldn’t let snow on the ground stop me from hopping on that beast of a board.

The H20 mini changed my life. From there on out I was able to skate to practice, the store, work, and especially school. Most of my friends hadn’t even heard of electric skateboards before. That summer Covid-19 hit, hard. My family and friends practically had to be under house arrest because of quarantine. Despite the struggle, one great thing started happening. I was able to go on long, relaxing e-board rides! Even to this day I ride my board everywhere. I’ve gotten it a new battery, new wheels, and new grip tape.

The H20 mini truly changed my life. It inspired me to get outside and have some fun. I don’t know what I would be doing right now without my favorite hobby sitting right next to me! Thanks Teamgee!!!


Does this story make you feel warm? We looking forward to hearing more rider stories. If you have a story about Teamgee board, please contact us: market@teamgee.com

Teamgee wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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