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Easy control & high-precision circuit board for Teamgee electric skateboard. Bring infinite pleasure and enjoyment to your riding experience. Free Shipping.

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  • Hi, does this come with the hub motors/back wheels?

    Hi, you need to buy the hub motors/back wheels separately.

  • Does the h20T main board function any differently from the h20 or h20mini (90mm version) main board? (if so, what parts are different)

    Hi, the H20mini(old version with 80mm motors) are different from others. It has only a speed model, but others have four models. And the speeds of accelerating and breaking are different. The new one will be more flexible.

  • What kind of esc is this? Is it a hobbywing esc and of so what model?

    Hi,the old version H20mini is useing the hobbywing esc.

  • What esc is used on the h20?

    Hi, the H20 is equipped with a LINGYI ESC.

  • Can this be returned if it turns out I don't need it.? I don't know what is not working just guessing I need this. It will turn on then immediately shut off. I have been able to get it down the street but it will always shut itself off.

    Hi, would you please send an email to with your order number and problem details? Our support team will help you.

  • What is the waranty period on the H20 main board? Less than one season of usage seems pretty short for a lifespan.

    Hi, we provide 3 months warranty.The main board can usually be used for several years, but avoid water in the main board.

  • If I wanted to could I plug an H20T Battery into the H9 mainboard? And would the H9 Mainboard handle the H20T 600 W hub motors please

    Hi, the main boards are different.

    H20T battery match with H20T mian board.

    H9 battery match with H9 mian board.

  • Can I put my h20t motors on the h5 esc???

    Hi, the ESC of H20T and H5 are different. 

    Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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