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Battery for Teamgee electric skateboards.

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  • what are the dimensions of the H20/H20T/H20 Mini batteries?

    Hi, it is 20.5*12*4.5cm.

  • What is the range for a 9.6AH vs 7.5AH? I have H20 board, assuming it's standard with 7.5AH?

    Hi, the 9.6ah battery normally can reach more 5~10km range than the 7.5ah one.

    The 9.6ah is 28-35km.

    The 7.5ah is 18-25km.

  • Hi, which battery should i choose as a replacement fot my H6 Pintail deck?

    Hi, as for the battery of H6, you can order the H5 battery and take a note that you need the H6 battery. We will send you the H6 battery.  Or contact our email:

  • How many W/h does this battery have?

    Hi, the 7.5ah is 270WH and the 9.6ah is 345.6WH.

  • I have the h20 mini. Whats the difference if i get the 9.6 battery vs the 7.5?

    Hi, the 9.6ah battery normally can reach more 5~10km range than the 7.5ah one.

    The 9.6ah is 28-35km.

    The 7.5ah is 18-25km

  • Hello , Does this Battery Pack works for the H8?

    Dear customer,

    No, it is not compatible with the H8. Please contact us to buy the H8 battery.

  • Can i upgrade the batterie of the h3?

    Hi, we have only one model battery for the H3 currently, it may be updated in the future. So sorry about that.

  • Hello, do you think I can add a h5 battery on the h5 skateboard so it'll last long or will it not work?

    Hi,it can work if you can modify it. But if you don’t, it’s not recommended.

  • Can I get a battery for my H9? It is now not able to do more than 4 km on a charge (with some uphill I know) and this is shorter than my commute.

    Hi,yes,you can order the battery and leave the note that you need the H9 battery when you complete the payment.
    We will send you the battery you need.

  • Look ing for when the h20t 9.6ah battery will be back in stock?

    Hi, the H20-9.6 ah battery has restocked. Please kindly check it:

  • Hy wann bekommt ihr die 9,6ah battery wieder ein für mein h20t

    Hallo, bitte senden Sie eine E-Mail mit Ihrer Frage an Unser Support sendet Ihnen einen Link zur Bestellung eines 9,6ah Akkus.

  • When are you going to have H5 battery(3.5AH)? May 3, 2021

    Dear customer, sorry for keeping you waiting. The H5 battery has back in stock currently.

  • When will the h20t 9.6ah be available again?

    Hi, the H20T-9.6ah is in stock now, please check this link: Sorry for keeping you waiting.

  • When will you have the H5 in stock

    Hi, the H5 is currently in stock. Please kindly check it. Thanks for your support!

  • When a can purchase a H5 battery (3.5AH)

    Hi, the H5 battery is currently out of stock, but it will be restocked next week. Please order it by then.

  • Hy wann bekommt ihr die Batterie für h20t mit 9,6ah wieder rein

    Hallo, der 9.6ah Akku wird 2 ~ 3 Wochen später verfügbar sein.

  • When are you going to have H5 battery (3.5AH)

    Hi, the H5 battery is currently out of stock, but it will be restocked next week. Please order it by then.

  • I have lycoan board but I want to put you guys battery is it possible

    Hi, the battery cable interfaces may compatible with your board, but we are not sure about your board's battery metal case size.

  • What are the specs for the h20t 9.6ah replacement battery?

    Hi, would you please send an email to with the problem details? Our support team will help you.

  • I need a battery replacement for the h20.

    Dear customer

    Here is the H20 battery link:

    Best regards,

  • Do the 7,5AH and 9,6AH batteries have the same size?


    Yes, they are same size.(02/4/2021)

  • What is delivery time to Illinois.

    Hello, we have a warehouse in LA, H5/H9/H20/H20T/H20MINI in stock now. Waiting for your order and have a nice day!(11/06/2020)

  • When will the 9.6ah battery for the h20t be back in stock?

    Sorry, the 9.6Ah battery will not be restocked, you can choose the 7.5Ah battery.

  • Hello, are you planning to receive New H20 batteries? Best regards

    Hello, you can select "H20T" option, they use the same 7.5ah battery.

  • wann gibt es den 9,6 ah akku wieder zu kaufen brauch ihn

    Hallo, dieser 9,6-Ah-Akku ist nicht mehr verfügbar. Jetzt haben wir nur noch einen 7,5-Ah-Akku auf Lager. Mit freundlichen Grüße

  • Wann gibt es wieder den 9,6 ah akku zu kaufen?

    Hallo, der 9,6-Ah-Akku ist nicht ausverkauft, die Wiederauffüllungszeit ist ungewiss. Möglicherweise nicht mehr verfügbar. Das tut mir leid.

  • Is it possible to get a bigger battery/3.5 for my h9 board?

    Hello, H9 has a built-in thin battery, the space inside the deck is limited, now we only have 3.5Ah thin battery, other thick battery such as 7.5Ah will not be compatible with it, sorry about that.

  • Bonjour, est ce que la carte mère de ma H20 reconnais si je met une batterie 9.6AH ou une 7.5AH. je voudrais mettre ma batterie 9.6AH de mon ancienne H20 sur ma nouvelle H20 que j'ai acheter en 7.5AH. Merci

    Bonjour, vous pouvez installer une batterie de 9,6 Ah sur votre H20 pour obtenir plus d'autonomie. Cordialement.

  • How much is the H8 battery?

    Hi, the price of the H8 battery is $199.99.

  • Hi, What is the ship time on a battery to Bakersfield CA for my H20 mini?

    Dear customer, the batteries are in our factory in China, the shipping time is around 8-10 days.

  • What the shipping time frame of the 9.6 battery

    Hi, the shipping time is around 8-10 days from China.

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