Teamgee HUB Motor with Urethane Black (1-Piece)

Style :

Size: 90mm x 56 mm

Hardness: 83A

Thickness: 9mm

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  • would h20t motor will fit in h5?

    Hi, the width of the motors of H5 is different from the H20T. So it can't fit in H5.

  • Hi, I need to buy the replacement back wheels for my H20 mini; is this showed just one piece or the kit is two pieces?

    Hi,this is the hub motor ,and it is only one piece.

  • If I buy hub replacement for my H20 mini, its now a 90mm model (450watt) but my original hub on my board is 80mm, 90mm fit on truck system???

    Hi,you need to purchase the hub of 80mm to fit for your original truck.

  • Will it be an upgrade from 80mm to 90mm for H20mini?

    Hi,yes,our new version of the H20mini is with the 90mm motors.

  • Is the all terrain tires for my h20 the most off road/treaded tires teamgee makes? I'd like some all out dirt tires

    Hi, the H20 can compatible with the rubber wheels which fit all terrain.You ccan also send an email to with the problem details. Our support team will help you. Thanks.

  • How many wares for h20T


  • What´s the meaning of T at the of H20T?


  • Will H20T motors fit on h20 and will it give it more takeoff with the rubber wheels

    Sure, the motor wheel is fit for H20 and give it more power.

  • How many what’s for is in the H20T motor’s

    2*600W motor.

  • How many watts?

    It is 540W motor wheel of H20.

  • Can I purchase the hubs with rubber instead of PU


  • Could u use the H20 hubs in the H9 board? How would this effect the boards range and power output.

    Yes, it works technically. But we don't have the data about it for now.

  • Can the H20t motor fit on the H20 Mini?

    Hi, no, the motor of the H20T can't be compatible with H20mini.

  • Is the H9 hub motor same as used in H8? I need a motor for H8.

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. They are different, please purchase the corresponding skateboard model motor.

  • how heavy is the single hub motor for the h20 mini?

    Hi, it is around 0.5kg

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