Teamgee H20 Deck for Replacement

The deck is made of 8 Layers of Canadian Maple and Carbon Fiber, giving it a strong durability but also allowing it to bend and flex like a regular longboard. This design also allows the integrated battery cells to stay protected and bend with the board.


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  • Hello, just wondering that can this deck installed on H20 mini. I mean I want to change the deck from H20 mini to H20. Just the deck, not anything else, by using the same kits. Thank you

    Hello, this deck is compatible with H20mini components. But please note that any and all damage caused by modifications is not covered under the warranty.

  • Hi. How to change the deck!? There are any video to guide the steps. I will need help? Thank you very much

    Sorry to tell you that we do not have the video about changing the deck.

Teamgee H20 Deck for Replacement
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