Teamgee Hub Motor Cap (2-Pack)

Size :
Metal Motor caps with the classic Teamgee logo on.  Including screws that are needed for mounting on Electric Longboard's Motors. Compatible with PU/Rubber/ Cloudwheel Sleeves.

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  • What is the diameter of the cap?

    The diameter of the cap is the 70mm.

  • I ordered these for my h20t are they going to fit?

    Yes, these motor caps are compatible with H5/H20/H20T.

  • What length is the screws for it.


  • Do the screws and caps for your replacement caps and screws fit there H20 T I lost some screws in need replacements.

    The size of the screws is M4*8, which you can purchase it on local store.

  • I need replacement screws for H 20 T will these screws fit and will these caps fit as well. Thank you

    Hi, the size of the screws is M4*8, which you can purchase it on local store.

  • do you guys sell the only screws for it i dont need the cap i just need the screws because i stripped the screws. if not what size is the screw ?

    Sorry to inform that the screws are not on sale separately.

    But you can find them(M4*8) in local hardware stores : )

  • How big are the screws

    The screw's size of the motor cap is M4*8.

  • Does this come with a tool to get lugs off? If not what size hex key does it require.

    We will give the tools to you.

  • What is the difference from 80mm and 90mm I have the h20

    Hello, 80MM version is only for H20 MINI (old version), other skateboards are all with 90MM wheels.

  • What is the diameter of the cap for the 90mm wheel?

    Hello, 7 cm in diameter and 0.4 cm in thickness.

  • What size does the h8 need?

    Hello, Teamgee H8 has 90mm wheels, so you need to choose 90mm caps.

  • Hola para h20 mini funciona??

    Hola, sí, la tapa del motor del cubo también puede funcionar para H20 MINI.
    Pero tenga en cuenta que H20 Mini tiene dos versiones de diferentes tamaños. Confirme si su h20 mini es de 80 mm o 90 mm, luego seleccione el tamaño adecuado para su patineta.

  • what is the size of the caps on the H20T

    Hello, for H20T, please choose 90mm caps.

  • What size does the H5 Blade use? 80 or 90 mm?

    Hello, H5 Blade is equipped with 90mm wheels.

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