Teamgee Bearing (4-Pack)



Inner Diameter: 8mm

Upper Shocking Proof

Lower Shocking Proof

Hardness: 8mm


Teamgee electric skateboard bearings

Tip: Clean the bearings after riding in the rain or over a puddle

This is not necessary to clean it frequently, but you may need to check the condition of the bearings after riding in the rain or over a puddle. Because the bearings tend to seize up after a long period of unrotated. This is because the water entering the bearings makes them rust in place, which can eventually seize up.  And please don't apply too much oil to bearings and remember to wipe the oil dry as much as possible when the oil is into the pinion balls due to the oil can generate dust and mud.

Questions & Answers

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  • What is the best way to get the bearings out of the alloy front wheels (rubber tyre)?

    Please send an email to, our support team will help you.

  • ウィールからベアリングの外し方がわからないので教えてください。


    Here is the video of removing the bearing: 

  • Do the rear hub motor/wheels have bearings and do they need to be replaced like the front wheels?

    The bearings are only avialable in front wheels.

  • me gustaria saber tengo una patineta team gee y la compre nueva pero el rodamiento de las ruedas del motor no es estable tiene vibraciones , es posible que si le cambio los rodamientos se solucione el problema ?


Teamgee Bearing (4-Pack)
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