Teamgee 90mm Color Replaceable PU Wheels For H3/H5/H6/H9/H8/H20/H20T/H20 MINI (4-Piece)

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Color :

90mm Skateboard Replaceable PU Wheels

Size: 90mm x 56mm PU

Hardness: 83A

Thickness: 9mm

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For Teamgee H5/H6/H9/H20/H20T/H20MINI

2-Piece Replaceable PU Sleeves

2-Piece Replaceable Front Wheels

Size: 90mm diameter and 56mm width

For Teamgee H8/H3-DIY

1-Piece Replaceable PU Sleeves

3-Piece Replaceable Front Wheels

Size: 90mm diameter and 56mm width

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  • I’m trying to purchase wheels for my h20 mini but website doesn’t seem to have the option

    Hi,this is the sleeves for the H20mini :Teamgee Replaceable H20MINI 80MM Hub Motor Urethanes PU Sleeve for Teamgee Skateboard (2-Piece)

    And this is the front wheels for the H20mini:

  • Hello, I bought H2O MINI last month, how to get wheels in replacement for it?

    Hi,please tell me the size of your H20 mini hub,and we can send the invoice for the 80mm sleeves.

  • Are the different color tires still rubber like the original tires

    Hi,yes,the wheels are same as original tires.

  • Are the replacement wheels for the h20 the same material as the original tires that came with the board

    Yes, the replacement wheels are the same as the original wheels that came with the board.

  • Are these different than the 65mm set of PU wheels that came with my h20t?

    Hi, these PU wheels are as same as the set of PU wheels that came with h20t.

  • Are these different from the extra set of PU wheels I got with my h20t?

    Hi, those wheels are the same as your extra PU wheels.

  • Where can I buy replacement wheels for my h20 mini?

    Would you please send an email to with your question? Our support team will help you with ordering the wheels and sleeves. No worries.

  • I see there is no option for the H20 mini. Even though the mini has 80mm wheels, will these 90mm work for the H20 mini?

    Hi, the motors on H20mini are different from our other models. So the 90mm PU wheel can't be used on H20mini.

  • Can I use cloud wheels on the h9 board

    Hi, you may need top contact with cloud wheels.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • Can i used this model on H20 MINI?

    Sorry for inform that the colored PU wheels are not compatible with H20 MINI since the diameter for the colored wheels is 90 mm while 80 mm for MINI.
    Please contact us if you need the H20mini sleeves.

  • When will red be available

    The red wheels are temporarily out of stock and the arrival time is uncertain.


  • Do these fit the h20 mini skateboard?

    No : ( Given the special size of the wheels in H20 mini (78mm), they are not compatible with the colored wheels we sell.

  • Can the color 90mm wheels and sleeves fit on the H20 mini

    Sorry to tell you that the color wheels do not apply with the H20 MINI. Because the wheels of mini is 80mm*54mm.

  • Can the h20 wheels be used on an H20t board purchase?

    Yes, these PU wheels can fit H20t.

  • I want to purchase wheels for h20 , but Thers no option to choose??

    The 90MM wheels can be used on all our electric boards.

  • How soon will the H20T wheels available for purchase?

    You can purchase the rubber wheels on our website now, here is the purchase link:

  • As of 2023 will the colored wheel sleeves work with the current H20 Mini with 90mm wheels

    Yes, these 90mm color replaceable PU wheels/sleeves are compatible with H20 MINI 90MM version.

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