Teamgee H8 31" Electric Skateboard 10 Layers Maple Longboard with Wireless Remote Control & Where Power Meets Agility

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Teamgee H8 31" Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control for Kids Girls Boys Youth Adults Beginners

Teamgee H8 31" Electric Skateboard is different from Teamgee's other series of skateboards. H8 is smaller than other series of skateboards. This is a better choice for Teens Adults Beginners Girls Boys Kids. (Only for people under 165lb)


H8 made of 10 layers tough maple wood with a load of <165 pounds. The hidden high-performance battery makes it look like a regular longboard, allowing it to bend and bend like a normal longboard, with a thickness of 1.2 cm (0.5 inch) and is currently the thinnest E- skateboard.


Only 11.6lbs, throw away the bulky boosted board. H8 electric board reach speeds up to 25mph, and 15 angle hill climbing. High-performance battery charging only needs 2 hours. Whether you are an office worker, a student or a lawyer, Provide a comfortable ride for any rider.


Teamgee H8 is a product that rewards customers with the most cost-effective products. It is light in weight and small in size. Suitable for teenagers and girls. Attractive mode for beginners and skateboarding. These skateboards are popular fashion accessories for teenagers. It is a trend that is the best choice for giving gifts.


With Reverse-mounted Bridge, Teamgee H8 is closer to the ground and the lower center of gravity ensures a more stable and comfortable ride even at high speed.

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    Ask a Question
    • Hallo:) When the Teamgee H8 31“ will be available again?

      No, it won't available any more.

      H8 already stopped production.

    • What is the speed for slow and the speed for fast?

      We are able to send you a user manual. Please contact our colleagues via email at

    • What are the speeds on the remote for the H8?

      There is no display screen on H8 reomte control.

    • I live in Hawaii. How long would shipping Be here

      In general, the price is included of all the dleivery fees and taxes except for some remote address in some countires.

      Out of geographical reasons, Hawaii address is charged for $60 extra delivery fee,which will be given to the express and Teamgee will take 0% from it.

      The delivery takes about 14-20 days.

      Let us know if you have placed an order and we will then provide our paypal account for money transferring.

    • How long dies the delivery take to Austria for the h8?

      We have a warehouse in Poland and it may takes 7 days to your country.

    • Is the H8 push friendly?

      Yes, the h8 can be used as a normal skateboard when you switch the power off.

    • are the silicon grip Nose and tail guard also included in the h8 model package?

      Sorry to tell you that H8 model do not concluded silicon grip Nose and tail guard.

    • how many days does it take to ship the product to Italy?

      We have H8 in our Poland warehouse, it may takes 1 week to your hand.

    • what are the parts included in the h8 model?

      Hi, the h8 comes with the rear light, headlight, the Grip Nose Guard and Tail Guard, remote and remote charger, charger and user manual.


    • Can the battery be replaced when it dies?

      Yes, it can be replaced.

    • Is there any rubber wheels that would fit the h8?

      No, the H8's motor power is no enough to handle the rubber wheels.

    • I was looking for the H8 but my weigth is 85 kg, is that a big problem?

      We don't recommend you buy the H8, because if the rider weighs exceeds the maximum load could damage the battery inside the deck and you may not get the performance you want.

    • If my weight is 85 kg is a problem for the H8? maybe i should buy a different type?

      The max load of H8 is 75kg. If a rider's weight exceeds the max load, the h8 is unable to attain good performance. So we suggest you purchasing H5/H9/H20/H20T.

    • Is a Charger included

      Yes. All of our electric skateboards are included charger.

    • I recently bought one of these boards, but the roads I ride on are slightly too rough to ride comfortably. Is there any way to get different wheels? How do i replace the wheel with the motor?

      We have rubber wheels, which can bring a more confortable riding. But sorry to tell you that the rubber wheels can't be used on H8.

    • Can it be used with the battery dead as a normal board?

      Yes, its untra-thin deck allows it to be used as a normal board when the battery dead.

    • Is the fast mode accessible straight out of the box? Or needs to be unlocked at certain mileage?

      You can access the fast mode when you start riding it.

    • what does it mean when my controller vibrates?

      It means that you can feel little vibration from the remote control when you turn on/off the board,  speed up/down, reverse the direction, etc. This vibration from the remote control is a sign that you have operated the remote button successfully.

    • Is the H8 airline friendly? How many WH is the battery?

      Yes, H8 is airline friendly with an 86WH battery.

    • Is the board water resistant and how does it perform in colder weather?

      The board is rated as IP54 (Liquids Ingress Protection 54).
      It means that protection assured against water splashing from any angle and protection assured against water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any angle.
      Every electric skateboard has a shorter battery range in the winter than in the summertime as a battery used at a low temperature produces less current than at a higher temperature.

    • Hi I recently had a house fire and lost everything but I had my H8 in the trunk of my car so I lost the bluetooth controller and charger .will a new bluetooth controller automatically pair with my H8 and work thank you ..Marc Carlson

      We are sorry to hear that. You can buy the H8 bluetooth controller and charger on the acessories page of our website.

    • Could you add the spec sheet?


    • whats the range at full charge and the battery life for a single charge

      The range of full charge is around 9.3 miles.

    Teamgee H8 31" Electric Skateboard 10 Layers Maple Longboard with Wireless Remote Control & Where Power Meets Agility
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