Giving you the freedom to use any kind of deck you want. Creating an unique and perfect e-board for your style of riding. 

DIY H3-Do the job of two

If you are tired of riding electric skateboards, you can remove the electric components for turning it into a normal skateboard and foot slide more easily.

Swappable wheels for replacement freely

When the wheels wear down, you can replace the wheel sleeves to ensure the safety of riding, explore your city on a whole new level, and get wherever you need to go.

Let's go adventure together while young

Meet daily riding needs, adapt to various road conditions such as flat roads, curved roads and slopes.


Free shipping for the following countries and areas:

United States, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Finland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, China, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Russia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, The United Arab Emirates, Korea, Malaysia

Extra shipping fees for the following countries:

Canada, Australia, Belarus, Israel, Japan, Mongolia,  New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Philippines, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Philippines


Ask a Question
  • How many wh are the batteries on the diy kit

    Hi, the battery of the H3 DIY is 2.6ah.

  • Can i upgrade the batterie?

    Hi, we haven't the bigger battery for the H3 currently.So sorry about that.

  • What happens when you put 100 kg on it Does it break or doesn’t is go the advertised speed and range ??

    Hi,the limit weight of the H3 is 80kg.It will affect the range and the speed of it, also may be even damaged the deck if you jumping when you riding it.

  • Hi can you upgrade erge battery on the h3 diy kit?

    Hi,because the size of the deck is too small and there are battery and the ESC,so it is difficult to upgrade the battery.

  • Is there a way to get more range Like to upgrade a battery?

    Yes,the only way is using the larger battery.

  • Hello how may wh is the battery??

    Hi,the battery is 2.2ah and 56wh.

  • Is there any way someone could talk you guys into making a dual motor and upgraded battery, or a belt drive DIY kit?

    Hi, please send an email to market@teamgee.com with your question details? Our support team will help you.

    For example, you may upgrade the H20MINI to 9.6AH from the 7.5ah battery before your parcel sending out.

    And you may order the dual-Motors and other accessories from us. 

    We currently don't sell the belt-drive motor yet. But we shall be able to have it in a short time. Please subscribe to our Facebook page to stay tuned. :)

  • Need replacement hub sleeves for h20 mini. Why won't you guys tell me which ones I can use for this. I don't care if it your brand or offbrand. Just need asap. Many people in my same predicament.

    Hi, you can purchase the H20mini sleeves by this link: https://www.teamgee.com/collections/skateboard-accessories/products/replaceable-hub-motor-urethanes-pu-sleeve-for-teamgee-skateboard-h6

  • What kind of battery is in the DIY kit? What's the voltage and amps?

    Hi, it is a 36V/2.2 AH battery.

  • What happens if the weight limit is exceeded by 10-20%? Does the top speed/acceleration just decrease, or is the motor at risk of overamping or premature failure?

    Hi, if the weight limit is exceeded the board's max load, it will impact the board's climb ability, top speed, and range.
    So we recommend you order the board with a bigger max load.

  • Can I buy two of these and have a 4wd setup with this remote and esc?

    Hi, technically, it can't work because they are only 2 cables on ESC to connect motors. If you need a more powerful setup, we recommend you order H20/h20T/H20mini.

  • do you have an AWD version including Battery, Remote & Charger? its for my son’s birthday and i want to transform his hand made swiss deck into an electrified one. the H3 kit is too weak with less range & speed. If so, may i kindly ask for a direct offer instead of buying a H20T incl. deck where i have to disassemble it? Thank you

    Dear customer,

    Sorry for our late response. We currently don't have an AWD version DIY kit yet.
    Would you please send an email to market@teamgee.com with the problem details? Our support team will help you. 

    Best regards,

  • How far can the battery last and how fast does it go?

    The battery is 2.2 ah and can run for 5-10 km*.

    *The cruising range has a lot to do with user`s weight and road conditions.

  • are you able to put it on any longboard/skateboard or only certain sizes?

    We suggest a DIY installment for a complete new skateboard. No size limited here.

  • Is This kit Compatible with a Drop through Deck?


  • Can this diy kit Work for any long board?

    Yes, diy Kit can work for long board.

  • What size is the board that comes with the DIY kit?

    Since the DIY kit wouldn't come with a deck, it all comes down to personal preference.

  • Is the DIY kit available with the H2OT equipment?

    Sorry to tell you that they are not compatible.

  • How come u don't sell the h6 anymore

    We have suspended our production on H6 as we have launched new products like H20, H20T. But if a lot of customers want to buy H6, we will consider starting production on H6 again.

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