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Meet TeamGee’s Behemoth. The perfect balance of power and agility. Behemoth lets you glide across any terrain with ease while giving you a tight turning radius and balanced ride so you can drift and slide around corners. It features an independent suspension system only found on fast, high-end cars. This advanced self-leveling suspension gives the Behemoth the balancing power and shock absorption of a car and gives you a perfectly balanced and controlled ride.

The Tightest Turning Radius

Using a unique bridge frame design, the Behemoth gives each wheel more space for movement. And at 120cm, it offers the best and tightest turning radius in the world. All without compromising on flexibility, performance, or balance. Meaning you can drift and turn around right corners no matter what terrain you’re in. No other e-board can turn on a dime as tightly or quickly as the Behemoth. 

Off-Road Tires for Any Terrain or Road

Behemoth uses the same shock absorption structure as high-end cars. The bridge frame of each wheel adjusts to the right itself, absorbing bumps so you never feel them, and ensuring you stay upright and balanced. This ensures a smooth ride on any road or surface you decide to hit up.

Enjoy a smooth ride wherever you ride. Using 155mm extra-large grain off-road rubber tires inspired by off-road vehicle tires. This, combined with our independent suspension system, lets Behemoth deliver incredible stability on any road, surface, or terrain.


Ultimate Off-Road Capability 

With each swing arm working independently to balance itself, this lets each wheel keep Behemoth’s deck flat. This means you have the ability to adjust to meet the demands of every environment you want to ride through without worrying about terrain slowing down your adventures or losing balance on a bumpy trail.

The independent suspension on the truck of each wheel allows for automatic swing amplitude adjustment based on terrain conditions. Whether you’re driving on bumpy city roads or uneven gravel paths, the swingarm on each wheel will angle and auto-adjust to keep the board perfectly balanced.

It further absorbs the vibrational force exerted by riding on uneven ground, allowing the deck to always stay horizontally stable.


The Self-Leveling Suspension Difference

Our suspension system is directly inspired by the shock absorption principle and independent suspension of high-end cars such as BMWs.

The shock absorption that Behemoth’s self-leveling suspension offers is so smooth and far beyond what regular boards offer that you’ll probably never want to ride on a rigid axle board ever again.

Powered by a Battery Made for Cars

The power behind the Behemoth is its built-in 12AH lithium batteries. Taking only 3 hours to charge from 0 to 100%, the 18650 battery is inspired by and uses the design of electric car batteries to give you a far-riding range, high energy storage, and thousands of re-charges.

Light the Way with LED Lights

With an entire deck made of carbon fiber, you won’t have to worry about any weather or environmental hazards. The Behemoth is strong enough to handle any adventure while staying light and thin. Thanks to the slim edge design and how carbon fiber is sharped; it offers more space for wrapped batteries while maintaining a thin body. Meaning you won’t have to worry about wear and tear from the bottom.


Ask a Question
  • Please drop the price. $1400 I will buy

    Dear customer, please contact this email: market@teamgee.com to know more details.

  • What is the exact AH capacity on this electric skateboard?

    Hi, the battery capacity of this model is 12AH.

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