Teamgee H20 Electric Skateboard Longboard & Best Choice for Commute

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Teamgee H20 is designed for electric skateboard beginners
Made For Beginners, Your Fisrt Board
Teamgee H20 is designed for electric skateboard beginners and intermediate riders. Our purpose is to create a comfortable, interesting, and easy-to-use electric skateboard. On open roads and densely populated cities, H20 will bring you the speed and response you need for smooth navigation alongside traffic.


Teamgee H20
Teamgee H20 Range 25smiles
Teamgee H20 top speed 26mph
Top Speed
Teamgee H20 3-4 hrs Charging Time
3-4 hrs
Charging Time
Teamgee H20 30% Hill Climbing
Hill Climbing
Teamgee H20 IP54 Waterproof
Teamgee H20 max load 286lbs
Max Load
Teamgee H20 Component
Strong Power
The H20 electric skateboard comes equipped with dual 540W hub motors, which can give you access to lightning-fast acceleration and a top speed of 26 mph/42 kph. The motor wheel is removable. The tires can be replaced directly when the wheels are worn, no need to replace the motor.

The max range of H20 is up to 18 miles per charge, which means you can cover any city center or suburb without having to worry about a low battery.
Teamgee H20 with dual 540W motor
Detachable PU Wheels
Teamgee H20 adopts 90mm 83A detachable shock-absorbing PU wheels. Due to their large size and soft durometer, they absorb a lot of the vibrations when riding on poorly maintained roads, which is most of the time in big cities these days.

You could also upgrade your wheels to a set of Cloudwheel donuts which will make your ride extra comfortable and even increase your top speed a bit.
Teamgee H20 with 90mm PU Wheels
Designed For
Comfortable Riding
The board design of the H20 is made with stability and comfort in mind. Using a unique and exclusive W-Concave Teamgee board to create a firm surface for stable foot placement. Rider stability is further supported by the warped sides and concave formation design of the wheels that help the shockproof and stable nature of the board on uneven surfaces.

The board shape also uses a positive camber in four directions to create a comfortable angle to further the rider’s stability when cruising.
Teamgee H20 W-concave board design
Smart Control
The Seahorse Smart Remote included with the H20 is ergonomically designed and the display shows all standard information such as circuit board and remote control battery, odometer, trip length, current speed, riding mode, speed mode, reverse and cruise control.

The 4-speed mode (L/M/H/H+) and 4-brake mode (B1, B2, B3, B4) can switch easily with a simple press and meet the different needs of your ride. No matter if you are a novice or a professional rider, you can have fun.
Teamgee H20 Seahorse Remote Controller
Teamgee H20 8 ply Canadian maple + 1 ply fibreglass deck
Strong and Durable Deck
8 ply Canadian maple + 1 ply fibreglass deck offers riders a super stable platform at higher speeds.
Teamgee H20 30% Uphill
30% Uphill
The powerful thrust allows you to climb 30% slopes with ease.
Teamgee H20 Aluminum Alloy Case
Aluminum Alloy Case
The battery case and ESC case are made of aluminum alloy to protect the electronics from damage during driving.
Teamgee H20 compatible with the 120mm Cloudwheels Kit
Explore All Terrain
This board is fully compatible with the 120mm Cloudwheels Kit. Tires are easily replaced, providing you with a more comfortable and smoother riding experience.
H20 FAQs

Questions & Answers

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  • Where can I get a new battery?

    Hi, this is the purchase link of the battery:

  • Hi, I have been using my H20, and I noticed a squeaking/chittering from the rear left hub motor. I have been told how to fix this but I do not know what I should use for "high temperature lubricant" could you provide some information on this?

    Hi, you can use this one grease: WD-40.

  • Do you offer just the kit by itself for the h20, if so how much would it be? I already have a longboard that I want to convert but would like something bigger than the H3. My current board is the 46" magneto bamboo dancer longboard

    Hi, sorry that we don't offer kits of H20.

  • As i live in the UK, what delivery option do i choose? and will it incur any delivery or import charges

    Hi, you need to choose the other country if you live in the UK, there is only extra shipping cost.

  • What type of black paint is used around the edge/rim of the board? I got one used with some chipping and am wanting to make it look almost new again.

    Hi, It is an environmentally friendly composite black paint, you can also paint with a black paint pen.

  • How long will it take to deliver to connecticut (US) if I order the H20?

    Hi, the shipping time is around 3-7 days.

  • hello if i order the H2O skateboard from europe will it come with the battery charger for the european power sockets or is it just the american one?

    Hi,thanks for your answer.It will be the europe charger if you choose the europe countries.

  • Hi, how long will it take for the H20 7.5 to be shipped to Poland?

    Hi,the shipping time to Poland is around 3-7 days.The H20-7.5 are in stock in Poland warehouse.(13/10/2021)

  • Is it possible to change the battery from 7.5AH to 9.6AH or does the board have to be sent to the dealer for this?

    Hi,  you can order a new 9.6ah battery on our website to upgrade your board to 9.6ah one. Both the 7.5ah and 9.6ah batteries are compatible with the H20. :)

  • Are these lithium ion batteries?

    Yes, it is a lithium-ion battery.

  • is there a way to put it in like neutral mode if the battery dies or if i dont want to use the battery anymore so i can just pump manually?

    Yes, you can ride the board like a normal skateboard if the battery dies.

  • Hi I want to purchase the H2O and I want to know if it’s in stock because I’ve ordered a few other boards and they’ve then emailed me and said their out of stock and it will be months. Also how long does it normally take for something to ship to toronto Ontario?

    Hi, H20 is currently in stock. Sorry for keeping you waiting.

  • Do you deliver to England for h20 and if so how long will it take. Also can you give me a free h20

    Hi, we currently have H20-7.5ah in our Poland warehouse. ETA 12~17 days to deliver to UK as we need to use German warehouse as interchange spot due to the Brexit impact.


  • Do you also import to the Czech Republic? If so, how long does the transport take?

    Hi, we have H5, H9, and H20 (7.5ah & 9.6ah ) in our EU warehouse, EAT 4~7 days to arrive. And 12~15 days shipping for other models from China by air.
    And we provide free shipping to EU countries and will cover the import taxes, so no extra costs for you.

  • Will a 105MM tire also fit on this board ?

    Dear customer,

    We have 103mm rubber wheels, which are compatible with H20. You may interest in it.

    As long as the motor sleeves' inner shape can fit our motor, the wheels can be used on our boards.

    Best regards,

  • how long does the shipping take to the Netherlands, and are there any import costs? (I wasnt able to find any online).

    Hi, the shipping fee to NZ is $250 USD and it may takes 18-22 days.

  • whats includes in the box

    Hi, H20 come with a skateboard, a remote, a charger, an user manual.

  • The H2OT comes with changeable wheels. Can I put the rubber tires on a H2O as well. I suspect their different chassis.

    Sure. The rubber wheels are recommended for the H20/H20T only.

  • H2O vs H2OT , hard plastic tires vs rubber? Speed differences? Handling, carving differences? Battery consumption Differences? Does H2O come with both 7.5 and 9.6 batteries?

    Hi, the main difference between them is H20T come with rubber wheels and bigger motor wheels.

    Both H20 & H20T have two battery verison, 7.5ah & 9.6ah battery.

  • I have emailed multiple times about a warranty replacement although over 3 days have not heard back. How do I get a replacement for the board?

    Sorry for the late reply because we have a long holiday for celebrating Chinese New Year.

    My colleagues will feedback you soon.


  • Can this be waterproofed further

    Teamgee electric skateboards are rated as IP54 (Liquids Ingress Protection 54).
    It means that protection assured against water splashing from any angle and protection assured against water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any angle. Most of the electric skateboards are not made for wet/rainy day, so it is better not to ride an electric skateboard on a slippy road or in rain. Water gets into the metallic parts and causes rust, making bearings seize up and stick to your truck. It makes the bolts rust making it impossible to get the nuts off. Not to mention the electric components. Most of the water damage to electric skateboard was caused by the wheels rotating splashes water into motor wheels and ESC case during riding, which can eventually cause short-circuit.

  • Can you use it in grass or dirt?

    We suggest you ride it on flat road.

  • Does the H20 come with the LED light?

    No, the board doesn't come with lights.

    But you can purchase it on our web.

  • What’s the difference between the h20T and the H20

    The biggest difference between them is H20T equipped with bigger motor wheels and rubber wheels.

  • What is the procedure if I received the wrong board

    Would you please send an email to with your order number and problem details? Our support team will help you. Also please let me know which email address you send from. I will leave a message for them for prompt reply.

  • Can the motors be disengaged for use if the battery dies during use? Or do yoi have to carry it home?

    Yes, you can take it as a traditional skateboard when the battery dies.

  • What's the difference between the 7.5 AH battery and the 9.6 AH battery?

    Hello, the main difference is the bigger battery can run longer,the 9.6ah battery normally can reach more 5~10km range than the 7.5ah one.

  • Hi TeamGee, as a newbies in Skateboarding/E-Skateboarding, which model would you recommend? I’m around 90KGs....The H20 and H20 Mini caught my eyes. Hope to hear soon!

    We recommend H20 to you. The board's cruising range has a lot to do with the rider's weight and habits, conditions of road and weather, speed. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

  • ¿Tienes envíos a chile?

    Sorry to inform you that there is currently no channel for sending to Chile.

  • What is the best one h20 or h20T for long distance riding and all round board

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The crusing range does not necessarily depend on the type of model but the battery.

    9.6 ah battery runs greater than 7.5 ah battery.

  • How long until the h20 would be delivered to California?

    If you wanna the H20 with 7.5 ah battery, we can ship it to you from CA warehouse. It may takes one week.

  • How long is the delivery to Canada cause on your Amazon it says it will around 3 months from now is that accurate?

    We will ship the skateboard to you from China, usually it may takes 12-15 days to your country.

  • What is the difference between h20 and h20t?

    The mian difference between H20 and H20T are the grip tape, motor wheels and H20T equiped with rubber wheels.

  • How long dose the delivery take to Spain?

    It may takes 7 days for shipping from Poland to your country.

  • Hallo, wie lange ist die Lieferzeit nach Deutschland, wir haben zwei H20 Longboards bestellt und freuen uns schon so, können es kaum erwarten.

    If you order the H20 with 7.5 ah battery, we have a shipment will arrivel Poland warehouse soon. Or we can ship the board to you from China by air, it may need 10-15 days.

  • How do you change the brake modes on the remote

    When in "L" speed, it is "L" brake and acceleration. So, there are 4 options about the brake and acceleration modes.

  • What's the shipping time to the UK? thanks

    Hi, we will ship your parcel from China by air, the shipping normally takes 15~20 days in these days.

  • If I ordered today, about how long would it take to get to Portland, Maine (US)?

    If you order H20, we ship it to you from China by air, it may takes 8-10 working days.
    IF you order H20T, we can ship it to you from our California warehouse. Hope it will help you.

  • Does this come with any warranty? Or is there an option to purchase a warranty?

    The board will comes with 3 months warranty.

  • When shipping is it possible for you to declare a lower value for the product so I can avoid customs taxes?

    Would you mind tell us which country are you living?
    Actually, most of the country do not need to pay the taxes.

  • Do you guys send extra PU sleeves in every H20 order?

    We will send extra PU sleeves in every H20T order.

  • Is this includes the handhelder, wrench, charger and manual or anything? Is it has discount now?

    The box of the H20 will include the skateboard, charger, remote,wrench and user manual. If you are the new customer, you will got $10 automatically.

  • So if a board has a range of ten miles, do you mean the board will last ten miles, or does that mean ten miles out and ten miles back to it’s starting point?

    It means the skateboard will last ten miles.

  • What is the performance/range difference between the 7.5AH and 9.6AH battery? Is the 26 mile range per charge based on the larger battery?

    The 7.5ah battery option can reach around 25 km and the distance of 35 km is for the 9.6 Ah.
    The cruising range has a lot to do with the rider's weight and habits, conditions of road and weather, speed.
    You may need to know that the rubber wheels can impact every aspect of an electric skateboard performance, such ad the cruising range,  speed, acceleration, and climbing ability. The cruising range can be reduced to 70% when you replaced the PU wheels with rubber wheels.
    Hope my explanation is able to assist you. Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

  • Do the h20T wheels work good on the H20?

    Yes, the rubber wheels are suitable for h20 and h20t.

  • What's the different in range from the 7.5 AH to the 9.6 AH ?

    The 7.5ah battery option can reach around 25 km and the distance of 35 km is for the 9.6 Ah.

  • Is the brake system electrical or does it use pads? If electrical, I assume that any braking is regenerative to the battery life?

    The brake system is electrical. And yes, braking and downhill riding can regenerate power to the battery.

  • Can you change the remote to MPH?

    No, the remote settings only support KPH.

  • Can you change the remote to miles per hour? Also can you ship to the US?

    Sorry, the remote only supports Kph reading. We have a warehouse in California,  and the shipping normally takes 3~7 days.

  • Hello i m living in Belgium, do you have any idea how i would have to pay for thr transport to Belgium?

    We will send your parcel by air, it may takes 12-14 working days.

  • Can you kick push this board if the battery dies or to conserve battery?

    Yes, all the battery in our board can conserve.

  • In the last picture the wheels appear to be yellow, however yellow isnt an option for color of wheel but orange is. Are the wheels in fact orange? Or if they are actually yellow in the picture do yall have yellow wheels available?

    Yes, they actually looks like picture's wheels.

  • How long would the delivery take to canada

    We will send your parcel within 1-2 working days if you place you order.
    Usually, it takes 12-14 working days.

  • How does the board do around sandy/dirty roads? And do you ship to Canada?

    Yes, we ship to Canada by air, it usually needs 12-14 working days.
    If you riding in sandy roads, it maybe will slip.

  • Is there a way to replace the battery?

    Yes, you can replace the H20's battery after openning the battery case.We have the video to show you,please contact us.

  • How long the battery is good for?

    After 500 charges, the battery will hold 80 percent of its original juice.

  • How waterproof is it specifically

    The board is rated as IP54 (Liquids Ingress Protection 54).
    It means that protection assured against water splashing from any angle and protection assured against water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any angle.

  • In the specification there is only one weight 9.5 kg, is the same weight for 7.5Ah and 9.6Ah ?

    Yes, it is almost the same weight for 7.5Ah and 9.6Ah battery. And the weight difference between these two types of batteries is less than 30g.

  • Do the batteries or charger for the board have overcharge protection? Or does the charger need to be removed shortly after full charge?

    The H20 has overcharge protection.

  • Where is the cereal number for the remote on the skateboard

    I'm sorry to tell you that the H20's remote control doesn't have a cereal number setting.

  • Hi , i am in colombia , do you have shipping to my country?

    Sorry to tell you that we can't ship the package to Colombia for the moment.

  • How come my debit card was denied when i tried to purchase the h20? Can i not use debit cards?

    Thanks for your contact. We accept the payment from Paypal and credit card. May you try to sign in a Paypal account and checkout again? Have a nice day!

  • Does it come already assembled?

    Yes, these boards is assembled before shipping.

  • Are there any outdoor temperature restrictions for using the H20? Is it water resistant?

    The outdoor temperature restrictions for using the H20 is minus 10 ~ 40 degrees Celsius.

  • What are the measurements of the H20?

    Hello, the size is 965mm*230mm*15mm.

Teamgee H20 Electric Skateboard Longboard & Best Choice for Commute
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