Vote for Your Favorite Electric Skateboard Graphic Design!


Dear Beloved Esk8 Community, 

This is Teamgee!

We are an Electric Skateboard brand features a stealthy look, quality build, and great riding experience. A treat to the eye and a treat to the commute! ^^

Thanks for your support and we crowdfunded more than 500 pieces of our new Teamgee H9 Skateboard on Indiegogo!

But some backers said they love our skateboard which features the hidden battery and looks like a regular skateboard. They just think the deck is really plain. /::<

That's why we got inspired to host this very first Electric Skateboard Graphic Design Contest earlier here.

But actually, if you go to check our Teamgee H6, you may see there is a design for sure!

Now we are posting all the designs we gathered during these days, and hope you will choose the best one here.

All you need to do is go to Reddit to vote with the number. You may leave your comment down to the Reddit thread. And we will calculate the vote at 3 pm, June 20, 2018. HongKong Time.

Two winners will be selected!

The First Winner. 

We will have a group of judges to select the winner from among the 10 most-voted designs. (In order to prevent fraud votes during the process.) 

Another winner is Teamgee’s selected winner.

Afterward, when the contest will end, Teamgee will ask for the exclusive use from the designer to print the design on the Teamgee board. 

Below are the contests!!!

Spcial add on June 15, contest no. 25.


Contest No. 1:

Contest No. 2:

Contest No. 3:

Contest No. 4:


Contest No. 5:

Contest No. 6:

Contest No. 7:

Contest No. 8:

Contest No. 9:

Contest No. 10:

Contest No. 11:

Contest No. 12:

Contest No. 13:

Contest No. 14:

Contest No. 15:

Contest No. 16:

Contest No. 17:

Contest No. 18:

Contest No. 19:


Contest No. 20:

Contest No. 21:

Contest No. 22:

Contest No. 23:

Contest No. 24:

Contest No. 25:

Thanks for all your attention!

We are available at Instagram, Youtube and Facebook!

Please go to find us there!

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