TeamGee H3 Electric Skateboard ——Officially on Sale Today!


TeamGee H3-DIY Electric skateboard is officially launched worldwide today!!

▲I wonder if everyone has snapped up our H3-DIY scooters?

▲⏰ Sale time: 22-26 October 2021 (PST)

▲During this period, the H3 will be waiting for you to take it home at the best price.

▲ Don't forget we also have a big bonus: during the sales period, we will randomly select one of the top 20 customers to get a free order bonus.

▲ There is also a $20 unlimited coupon waiting for you to use!

▲ So many offers are waiting for you, are you sure you want to miss them?

Tip: You can learn about the latest news of this event for the first time by following our store and adding purchases and collections.

(TeamGee official store reserves the right to interpret the event)

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