YouTuber Samcrac, Natalie Pluto & Paolo fromTOKYO‘s Review on Teamgee Sail (Available on Kickstarter)


Hey Teamgee Squad:


Hello again! It's almost the weekend! Woohoo!


In case you haven't heard, we recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for our model "Sail" - an entry-level electric skateboard for everyone!


For only $319, you can now own an electric skateboard with 20 MPH top speed, 14 miles of range and an ultra-thin built-in battery that makes the board look just like a regular longboard!


Sounds like quite a steal, doesn't it? 


Check out what the eboard influencers have to say about this board to help make up your mind!


You guessed right, they all LOVED it!


Samcrac - "The best part about this electric skateboard is the size and the lightness, most of the other electric skateboards I have they're really heavy and cumbersome to travel with. Number 2, the design is really neat. Number 3, it is the MOST nimble electric skateboard I've ever tested, period. Lastly, the price is really competitive. So I give this board a thumbs up!"


Natalie Pluto - "It's really great if you're in college, or just trying to get somewhere in the city. What I really like about the Teamgee Sail is that it's smaller compared to a Boosted board for example. The Teamgee Sail is easier to carry around, it's lighter and fits in the car better."


Paolo fromTOKYO - "One of the things you notice right off the bat is that the motor is super quiet. With a battery built into the board, it really looks like a normal skateboard. Also the brushless motor allows you to push kick the board just like a regular skateboard. It's super light and easy to carry, perfect for taking into places like the train. Any rider from beginner to pros can actually have fun with this board. I really like this board, it's fun, it's cheap, it's ultra portable.


Shhh, a little bird told us that the earlier you back the project the cheaper you can get for this board by visiting here.


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