How to Stay Safe While Riding an Electric Skateboard


Riding on an electric skateboard at an extreme speed is really cool and funny, but if you're not wearing a helmet with some protective gears, then it can be a tragedy. Ahh no good...

We all know that, electric skateboarding is a sport with a certain degree of risk. 

So, in order to ride happily and safely, we need to do something.


Don't Forget to Wear a Helmet

"Remember to wear a helmet. "

I'm sure that's what your families or friends tell you every time you go out on your electric skateboard.

And they're right. An electric skateboard is not the same as a regular skateboard. Electric skateboards are much more dangerous because they are very fast. Wearing a helmet is the basic protection for yourself while riding.


More Protective Gear

Wearing a helmet is absolutely essential.

In addition to this, I always strongly recommend that you wear a protective clothing such as elbow and knee pads and a good set of gloves.


Attach Lights to Your Board or/and Helmet

Generally speaking, electric skateboards are not coming with lights. It will be safer to add lights to your electric skateboard or helmet if you plan to ride it at night.


Ride within Your Ability

Everyone has a different riding ability and you should only ride as fast as you feel comfortable.

It takes time to practice and slowly you can increase your speed but remember safety is the first.


Don't Drink and Ride

Don't drink and ride your electric skateboard, it's just as dangerous as drink driving.

Staying awake is the safest way to ride an e-skateboard.


Expect the Unexpected

You can't always expect everyone to follow the rules and stay safe on the roads or trails. For this reason you must always be ready in case someone pops up.



  1. Ensure your safety, wear a helmet, protective gear etc.
  2. It is a good idea to add some lights or lighted stickers for night riding.
  3. Practice riding and practice dealing with emergencies, don't be a hero.
  4. Of course, no drinking or doing anything that would impact your riding.


If you have tips to improve your safe riding, feel free to leave your comments.

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