Teamgee Electric Skateboard Review From Customer.


In the box

Included in the box was your standard board and accessories line up all packaged with styrofoam.

-Board -‎Remote -‎Chargers for both board and remote -‎Rear LED light -‎T-tool -Nice manual that was in English and had pictures for each piece.

10/10 Overall safely packaged and it's always nice to get some bonus accessories.

The Deck

The deck is solid and sleek, both in durability and flexibility weighing in at about the same as most other boards at 14 lbs. However since the ESC and Battery are made to blend in with the deck, it makes the board feel pretty stiff which is okay for city commutes and smooth roads, but gravel and cobblestone may wear your legs out faster if you're riding for awhile. The board is also incredibly durable surviving a few drops and falls that were manufactured for testing. Personally, I would like to see a bit more flex built into their future models.

To say it's a con wouldn't be fully indicative of my feelings about the deck but it is a trade-off that not everybody will appreciate if they're coming from other boards.

7/10 Sleek design but at the cost of comfort and flexibility.

The Remote

The remote is an in-house remote from Teamgee. It has a nice matte plastic feel to the outside with an Led and a few buttons and wheel on the front. The screen on the remote is a very nice inclusion, and it has an odometer for your current ride, current speed which I found to be pretty accurate while on flat ground without an incline and the total Kilometers on the board.

The wheel is very responsive with no lag connection between it and the board. Below that is the power button which needs to be held down for a short time before actually turning off, preventing any accidental shut downs. Below that is an "F/D" button which toggles the boards forward and backward, the remote beeps twice when it's in reverse and once when going forward. The screen reflects this by displaying a "B" and "F" respectively. Personally, I would rather a switch toggle on the side like we have for the beginner and pro mode but I don't find myself in reverse too often anyways, at least the continuity for Forward or Reverse on the screen/remote would be a bit more intuitive. Our last face button is the LED light which is actually a small flashlight at the head of the remote, probably not the best if you need to see very far ahead of you but adds to your street presence during night commutes Another change would be with the inclusion of the toggle for forward and reverse would be to differentiate the LED light from other buttons. I found myself hesitating while night riding because I wasn't sure if my board was going to go in reverse or if I was about to turn on my flashlight.

8/10 Love the LED screen on the remote, all the information including the speed and mileage. Would be the perfect remote with the minor quality of life changes mentioned above.

The Motor

The teamgee uses a dual hub motor which is pretty quiet compared to other boards I've used. The remote uses the display to show the speed at which the wheels are moving. Through my testing I found these speeds to match up pretty well with my actual speed while on a flat surface with only small disparities on light inclines. This maxed out at 27 kmph (just under 17 mph) and not the 18.3 listed on their Amazon. The Hill climb capability is exactly as advertised however. Living in Oregon means we have quite a few hills and the board handled them without a problem, but obviously you won't be going full speed. Using mainly bike lanes and pavement tests, I found myself within the estimated range most of the time varying on what I had packed that day or how much I felt like pushing the higher speeds. The braking took some getting used to, they're touchy but after a few miles it's become pretty easy to use. The regenerative braking makes going downhill feel pretty safe, over 50 Km on the board and haven't had a dropped connection which is reliable in my book. I'll update the post if i happen to get one eventually.

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