6 Tips to be Safe on an Electric Skateboard in 2022

Merry Christmas days again!
What are you guys to celebrate the big days there?
If you are gona ride an eboard these days, check the below safe ride tips.

1) Get your gear,

If you don't wona have your head broken these happy days, get yourself a full-face helmet before go out eskateboarding!
It is not too much to say Safety first.
What' more, you could choose to wear some additional protective gear for better protecting your knees, elbows, etc.

2) Warm yourself up,

Having fun is important but it may be bad if getting yourself cold and flu these days, not well..
So, for happy eskatebaording, put on your clothes warm yourself even in riding process, esp your neck, hands, head. They do need much more care~

3) Ride with caution,

Winter! Cold and hard ground! It hurts if falling down and the hidden dangers of water, ice, snow, all of which make the road far more slippery.
Be careful these happy days.

4) Let yourself be seen,

Eboarding at noght can be cool, free and no more walking persons. But there are still running cars and dogs haha maybe. So it is a good try to make yourself be seen esp in the dark road where is no lights.
Open your eboard light, or you could even add an bright light on your helmet, which also works.

There are some other super cools ways also make yourself be seen better.
Try adding some reflective strips on your clothes or board or anywhere feels cool.
They will reflect the little lights on the strips you gona be cool in shiny xd, just for fun haha..
5) Check before each ride,
Check whether your board fully charged, nothing wrong with your esk8, such as he lights, acceleration, brake system, tires, etc.
It is a good habit sometimes saves your life. So don't be lazy before fun.
6) Don't share your esk8,
Because you are fully-geared but not others. Eskateboarding can be quite dangerous.
We don't know what's going to happen and no one wants things go wrong.

Enjoy your Christmas days :>

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